Critical for our children who are required
to wear a mask

Breathing is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any child's physical development. Whether it be at school, on the playground, playing sports or out and about with family and friends, your children need the UnMask.  Their health and well-being depend on it!  

We make the perfect fit for kids

Our special "small" size is fitted perfectly for children and smaller adult faces.  The adjustable locks on our ear loops make getting a great fit possible on most sized faces, even little ones.  Our ultra-lightweight design means kids are much more likely to leave them on...even all day.  Our wide range of colors allows parents to choose, so kid's masks won't ever get confused.  

We have completely reimagined the cloth facemask

Like other cloth and fabric masks, the UnMask is designed to reduce the spread of a virus by containing the aerosol particles leaving your mouth or nose.  But unlike typical cloth and fabric masks, the UnMask’s ultra lightweight mesh designs allow for nearly unrestricted breathing.  Free breathing reduces mask contamination by viruses, bacteria, molds and funguses and greatly reduces the chance of breathing in your own contaminated CO2.   Furthermore, the UnMask will not trap heat and moisture, is comfortable to wear all day and is reusable & washable.  Its unrivaled wearability reduces people’s urges to touch and pull at their masks, thereby reducing the possible spread of dangerous germs.


Handmade from ultra-premium materials