Enjoy virtually 

unrestricted airflow!

Finally a  face mask you can live with

The ultimate in comfort & breathability 

The science and the politics behind masks seems to change everyday, but one thing that doesn’t change is a person's need to breathe. The UnMask is the only mask on the market that is designed to provide you and your family with virtually unrestricted breathing while meeting the requirements of the ever growing number of mask mandates.


Each UnMask is made of two layers of premium ultralight material that are chosen for their incredible breathability and comfort.  Our masks are available in a variety of styles, a rainbow of colors, and multiple sizes that offer a perfect fit for adults and children.  The UnMask is washable, reusable, durable and proudly designed and made in America!


Handmade from ultra-premium materials

Our customers love the UnMask, you will too!

Maximum airflow

& breathability

Does not  trap

heat & moisture


build up of germs

Will not

muffle speech

Will not

fog eyeglasses

We have completely reimagined the cloth facemask

Like other face masks, we designed the UnMask to help reduce the spread of droplets leaving your mouth or nose.  However, unlike other masks, our minimal ultra lightweight materials are designed to provide virtually unrestricted airflow.  Furthermore, the UnMask will not trap heat and moisture, will not muffle your speach and is comfortable to wear all day and is reusable & washable.  Its unrivaled wearability reduces people’s urges to touch and pull at their masks, thereby reducing the possible spread of dangerous germs.