Fly with us!

For air travel, nothing flies or breathes like an UnMask.

The most breathable masks on the planet!

Hand sewn in the USA, the UnMask is the only mask on the market specifically designed to provide you and your family with virtually unrestricted breathing.  The UnMask has been a game changing - lifesaver for people that still have to mask up for travel, work, playing sports or going to school.  The UnMask is especially suited for people with breathing disabilities like asthma, people with claustrophobia and for adults and children of all ages.  People that swear about wearing a mask, swear by ours!

The UnMask experience


Handmade from ultra-premium materials

Putting on an UnMask for the first time is nothing short of a life changing experience.  It breathes almost like there is nothing there, it won’t fog glasses, muffle your speech or trap excessive heat and moisture. While it’s tough to like a mask, tens of thousands of UnMask wearers love ours...they can’t help but tell everyone they know about our masks, and you will too.

Our customers love the UnMask, you will too!

Maximum airflow

& breathability

Does not  trap

heat & moisture


build up of germs

Will not

muffle speech

Will not

fog eyeglasses

What we are made of

Each UnMask is made of two layers of premium ultralight material that are chosen for their incredible breathability and comfort.  Our masks are available in a variety of styles, a rainbow of colors, and multiple sizes that offer a perfect fit for adults and children.  The UnMask is washable, reusable, durable and proudly designed and Made in America!